Reverbatim – A dedicated management strategy for crossover success.

Artists today are required to work in an increasingly complex landscape -- one in which technological development and the Internet are both a strong ally and a fierce enemy. Access to art and music holds no boundaries in a world where YouTube and social media are king, but the ability to produce professional-grade works of art (music, photographs, motion pictures…) more affordably has undeniably flooded the art market. What we are left with is a world in which finding new high quality art is increasingly difficult, as we can seldom rely solely on blogs and critics, many of which have now become corporate powerhouses feeding us more of the same, and thereby limiting our options instead of expanding our horizons.

Moreover, in a globalized economy, art is increasingly blind to linguistic and cultural criteria – textures, sounds, and other intangibles are what make art enjoyable and universal. At Reverbatim, we believe what stands between the foreign artist and a successful crossover career is not only the quality of the art itself -- it is also a well thought out, worldwide management strategy catered specifically to the crossover artist and rolled out in a meticulous way. By using our linguistic abilities and cross-cultural understanding of the art industry, we are ideally positioned to assist our artists in their journey to worldwide success.

So our mission is this: whether it’s photography from France or pop music from Chile…we will dedicate ourselves to devising a creative, culturally-conscious roadmap able to surmount any obstacles that may present themselves. You be the artist, we'll take care of the rest.